Kibar Holding

Kibar Holding has played an important role with its contributions to domestic economy and social life since its establishment in 1984. Kibar Holding took its first step into industrial production with Kartal Sheet Processing Unit, established in 1972, and continued its industrial investments with Ispak Inc. which today serves major domestic and international companies in the flexible packaging industry.

Following the establishment of the Galvanize Production Facility in Kartal in 1980, Kibar Foreign Trade Inc. was founded in 1985 to play a pioneering role in Turkey's foreign trade campaign and to organize Kibar Group's foreign trade activities as the group company specializing in this area.

Assan Aluminum was established in 1988 for manufacturing and trading flat-rolled aluminum products (coils, plates and sheets). Assan Iron & Steel Inc. started its operations in 1992 and Assan Panel Industry Inc. was established in 1993 to manufacture polyurethane sandwich panels, single-layer trapeze panels, as well as accessories and complimentary components.

Kibar Foreign Trade Inc. and Bareks Foreign Trade Inc., both established in 1995, export products manufactured by Kibar Holding and carry out export, import and transit trade activities, with a focus on iron and steel products. Kibar Foreign Trade Inc. also procures raw materials, contracts third party companies to manufacture iron and steel products from these raw materials and exports finished goods to numerous countries.

The foundation of Hyundai Assan Automotive Industry & Trade Inc. was laid in Kocaeli in 1997. The factory was completed in record time and started mass production. Assan Foods Inc. started its operations in 1998 by producing tomato paste and ketchup.

Assan Aluminum Dilovası Facilities were established in 2005 and Assan Panel Iskenderun Facilities started its operations in 2006.

Kibar Holding Information Systems Department which fulfilled the IT needs of Kibar Holding companies in different industries for years was transformed into Assan Information Technology Inc. in 2006.

Assan Construction Inc. was founded in 2007 to provide services in all areas of the construction industry. In the same year, Sicpa Assan Product Security Industry & Trade Inc. was established to develop customized and on-demand brand and product security solutions for monitoring products in the supply chain and differentiating counterfeit products from genuine products, and to provide technology services and solution packages for preventing counterfeit and bootleg products.

Assan Panel Balıkesir Facilities was established in 2009 and Assan Panel Dilovası Facilities started its operations in 2010 to carry out metal and sheet painting activities.

Acting on modern expectations of Turkish society, Kibar Holding successfully replaced freon gas, known to be harmful for the ozone layer, with the environmentally friendly pentane gas, thanks to the project implemented with the support of Tübitak.

Kibar Holding also started manufacturing Hyundai branded automobiles and commercial vehicles through its partnership with the South Korean giant Hyundai Motor Company, and started making investments for national production. Accordingly, Assan Hanil Automotive Industry & Trade Inc. was established with the aim to carry out activities in the auto decoration industry, and the company has made significant contributions to the development of the automotive subsidiary industry since its establishment.

Posco Assan TST Steel Industry Inc. was established in 2011 with the partnership of Kibar Holding, Posco and Daewoo International. Upon completion, the facilities will be able to roll and process stainless steel with a width of 750 - 1600 mm and thickness of 0.5-5 mm.

Kibar Holding's first manufacturing facility abroad, Kibar Industry Co. started its operations in Jordan in 2011, with the objective of manufacturing sandwich panels.

Kibar Energy Distribution Industry Inc., Kibar Holding's first investment in the energy industry, was established in 2011, with the aim to import and wholesale natural gas.

Plane Seat Production Inc. was established in 2012, with the equal partnership of Hyundai Assan Automotive Industry Inc. and Turkish Airlines (THY). The company will design, manufacture and repair aircraft seats.

The finished products will be the first nationally manufactured final products mounted on civil aircrafts. The Manufacturer Approval, Design Approval and Product certifications which will be obtained from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will be a first in Turkey.